Steadicam Segway Sydney

The X2 Handsfree Segway, combined with the Steadicam can capture shots only previously possible with tracking vehicles.

The Segway has the added advantage of going through tight places and over uneven terrain.

It is extremely maneuverable and flexible; traveling up to 20km/hr or very slowly.


Steadicam Segway
Steadicam Segway Mardi Gras
Steadicam Segway Sydney
Steadicam Segway Sydney
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Redbull Cablecam
The Bachelor Jimmy Jib
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Jimmy Jib the Voice
Cameraman Sydney
Jimmy Jib The Voice
Techno Jib Sydney
Cameraman Sydney
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Steadicam Segway Sydney
Cablecam Sydney
Steadicam Sydney

Segway/Steadicam Demo Video

ASICS - Jesinta Is Late TVC

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